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Warren Bell began writing fiction as a teenager, and is now the historical fiction author of the Award Winning novel Fall Eagle One and the Best Selling novel Hold Back the Sun, both about WWII. His third novel, Asphalt and Blood is set among the Seabees in Vietnam. His fourth novel, Snowflakes in July, is a military suspense thriller taking place in the turbulent 1970s. His 29-years as a naval officer exposed him to many opportunities for ideas for writing his military and historical fiction.


Peaceful Reflections From a Carolina Beach

A glassy blue sea beneath puffy white clouds. Dune grass seed pods nodding gently in a cool sea breeze. Seagulls and pelicans racing across the sky. The warm sun loosening taut back muscles. Such are the joys of a summer beach vacation.


My wife, Annette, and I are at Nags Head in the North Carolina barrier islands (Outer Banks) enjoying time together with our daughter and her family. This is

a three-generation affair. Three of our grandchildren are here, along with spouses and a girlfriend. Even the family dog got to come. It is a laid back time for all of us. We sleep as long as we feel like it. During the day, we are all in charge of feeding ourselves. Only in the evening do we gather for a communal dinner, often from a "take out" restaurant.


Our days are spent with dips in a fine swimming pool, time at the beach, and walks along the sand. Those who tan lie in the sun for long periods. We "old folk" take shade baths. We read "beach books" to pass the time.


People who live hectic lives need time like this to unwind. We try to keep the everyday world at bay. We don't discuss politics. News is banned from the big flat screen TV in the great room. The Olympics, however, are considered entertainment. Seeing our U.S. team rack up medals is a lot of fun. Those of us who feel lost without at least some news have to use the TVs in our bedrooms.

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Endure A Cruel Sun

Kido Butai (Strike Force) and the 11th Air Fleet performed superbly in the opening months of the Pacific War, savaging the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor and sinking the Royal Navy’s battleship HMS Prince of Wales and battle cruiser Repulse in the Gulf

'Kido Butai'  by Marii Chernev

of Siam.  The protagonists of my second novel, Hold Back The Sun, battled elements of Japan’s naval aviation in the skies over Borneo and Java and over the seas in between. Chased out of the Dutch East Indies, my characters now face battle in the seas and skies of the Coral Sea northeast of Australia in my current work-in-progress, Endure a Cruel Sun. Will they meet defeat yet again? Or is fortune finally deserting the victory-drunk Japanese forces?

New 5* Review for Fall Eagle One

Book Trailers

Fall Eagle One

Book Trailers

Hold Back the Sun Book Trailer

Fighting Japan for the Pacific Islands after crippling blow at Pearl Harbor.

Asphalt & Blood Book Trailer

Seabees repair bridges, roads, and facilities to allow Marines to retake the old Imperial City of Hue.

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