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Asphalt and Blood Reviews


"This is the second book by this author that I have read (Hold Back the Sun, was the first). As a Viet vet, albeit Army, I found the book very interesting. Having had the chance to interact with SeaBees during my tour, I had/have the greatest respect for their talents and can-do attitude. I recommend this book."

By ex-grunt  April 27, 2016

"Good story. Gave you an idea of how much our CB's could accomplish and still fight when needed. I enjoyed it."

By Charles M  January 25, 2016

"Having served 24 years in the US Navy Seabees and having served bracers & boomers (Seabees) from Diego Garcia to Moscow to Zimbabwe and Lebanon. Reading a Novel based on the accomplishments and dedication the Bees do every day any place they are needed is great. Bill Johnson"

By Karen Johnson  December 20, 2015

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