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The time is 1943, and Nazi Germany is reeling from nightly battering of her cities by the RAF. Catastrophe looms at Stalingrad. Siegfried von Rall, Hermann Göring’s technical advisor, hatches strategic missions to buy time for his country to refine cutting-edge technology into “Victory” weapons.

Two targets galvanize Siegfried’s attention: Soviet hydro plants in the Urals and killing FDR. He chooses aircraft and a team of experts for the missions. Göring fast-tracks detailed planning and training.

It’s 1942. High adventure fills the lives of American and Dutch fighting men in the opening months of the Pacific War. Brave women share their dangers and their love while empires crumble.

Exhilarated by savaging the American Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, The Japanese Navy moves quickly to seize the rich mineral resources of Malaya and the Dutch East Indies.

The year is 1968.  U.S. Navy Seabees battle the elusive Vietcong enemy, equipment and material shortages, and tropical weather to help American Marines retake Hue City and keep the roads open from  Da Nang to Khe San during the 1968 Tet Offensive. Romance blossoms amid the carnage of war.


Asphalt and Blood is replete with scenes of fierce combat, Seabee ingenuity and “can do” spirit, and forbidden romance under the pressures of war.

Domestic terrorists have a high-placed mole in the Pentagon!


During the turmoil of the late 1960s, former student radicals organized and established the Phoenix Guards Brigade (PGB). Their goal is to overthrow the U.S. government and replace it with a strict Marxist society. Following the dictates of Mao Ze Dong's "little red book," the PGB begins a campaign of targeted assassinations, bombings, and thefts of sophisticated military hardware.


Warren Bell began writing fiction as a teenager, and is now the historical fiction author of the Award Winning novel Fall Eagle One and the Best Selling novel Hold Back the Sun, both about WWII. His third novel, Asphalt and Blood is set among the Seabees in Vietnam. His fourth novel, Snowflakes in July, is a military suspense thriller taking place in the turbulent 1970s. His 29-years as a naval officer exposed him to many opportunities for ideas for writing his military and historical fiction.

Fall Eagle One

Hold Back the Sun

Asphalt and Blood

Snowflakes in July

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