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Hold Back the Sun in Daily Press

November 5, 2013
New in Military Fiction

Do you enjoy World War II stories?  If so, you might want to check out "Hold Back the Sun," the story about two fleet lieutenants in the early days of the Pacific war by Williamsburg's Warren Bell.  Here's a description from Bell's website: "It’s 1942. High adventure fills the lives of American and Dutch fighting men in the opening months of the Pacific War. Brave women share their dangers and their love while empires crumble.  Exhilarated by savaging the American Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, The Japanese Navy moves quickly to seize the rich mineral resources of Malaya and the Dutch East Indies."


"Hold Back the Sun" is Bell's second novel.  He published his first novel, "Fall Eagle One" in 2012, following a 30-year naval career and a 10-year stint as City Engineer for Alexandria in Northern Virginia.  According to a news release, "Bell is now living his life-long dream of becoming a novelist."


You can learn more about Bell and see a video trailer for his new book on his website.  Purchase information for both books can be found there as well.


"Hold Back the Sun" is available for Kindle at for $2.99 and in print at Amazon and other online retailers for about $15.

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