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Hold Back the Sun Reviews

"A terrific story, one of those great one's that keep you wondering what's going to happen next! The story is about what happened when Japan sought control of Indonesia, the rich oil fields of Java, the Philippines, and all the island nations in the south China sea. The story has great old WW2 Navy action (my Dad, was in the Navy when all this happened, which made it a super read for me), as well as air and land combat."

By Jim on  April 28, 2016

"I have read over 200 books in 3 years and this is amongst one of the absolute best I have read.  The information regarding the Japanese attack is breath taking and the story woven thru captures the imagination fiercely.  My biggest problem was putting it down."

By Malcolm Sullivanon  March 16, 2016

"This story is rich in anecdotes of this time and is must read for those who like their history wrapped around a few ordinary people thrust into a time for heroes."

By Fastback9on  February 17, 2016

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