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Flash back to the violent 1970s. Domestic terrorist bombs explode in the Pentagon, on Capitol Hill, at New York police stations, and on military bases. Prominent moderate leaders are being assassinated. And now the terrorists have a highly placed mole in the Pentagon!


The mole electrifies the high command of the Phoenix Guards Brigade, a New Left terrorist group more radical than the Weather Underground and the Symbionese Liberation Army, with details of weaknesses in the storage of Navy nuclear weapons. Elated, the terrorists prepare for a commando raid to steal some of the warheads and force the government to transform the United States into a Marxist society.


Back in the Pentagon, Navy Captain Mike Duquesne, a former Vietnam POW, becomes suspicious of the mole and launches a secret investigation. He enlists the aid of Leslie Thomas, a Navy staff lawyer. Alerted by her inquiries, the PGB targets her for blackmail with photos a youthful indiscretion. Luring her to their Virginia hideout, they force her to further incriminate herself.


Will Mike’s investigation uncover the plot to steal nuclear weapons before the PGB can mount their raid? And what indignities await Leslie at the hands of the PGB in the meantime?


Snowflakes in July has exciting aerial combat scenes, political assassinations, terrorist bombings, high-stakes commando operations, and thrilling romance.



Snowflakes in July

Sample Chapter

Download a Sample Chapter of Snowflakes in July to the right.  I hope you enjoy it!

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