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Snowflakes in July Reviews


"Interesting read with espionage, terrorists, threats to steal nuclear weapons and excitement you would think this thriller was happening today and torn from the daily headlines, but the author's novel is set in the late sixties and early seventies."

By P.S. Winn  March 28, 2016

"As a fan of historical fiction, I was impressed by the ability Mr. Bell has to bring the Vietnam War era to life; the settings came to life. His gift of characterization is evident here, as even the baddest of baddies are real and well-developed. An addicting thriller, and a great addition to anyone's library. Highly recommended."

By B. Alan Hart  January 11, 2016

"You remember your first novel you love, the one where you just couldn't put it down until the back cover was reached. The one where 200 pages or more get devoured in a single sitting. It's novels like that where you look forward to the next installment. For me, that was a Tom Clancy novel in the early 90s. I don't remember which one it was, and it isn't important. They were the ones in his prime, and I enjoyed them like no others.

For me, Warren Bell is an author in that mold. I was frankly stunned by his initial effort, and his follow-on books have kept up that high standard. In this one he deals with Vietnam and it's immediate aftermath, both there and at home in a plot that combines what I think is the best of the historical fiction genre: outrageous enough to keep you glued to the page, but plausible enough where you start Googling names and places to see what was actually going on."

By C. Hatfield  November 10, 2015

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